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Every day we face numerous challenges.

Not a minute passes without persuading us that we have to live in an interconnected world, where technology makes it easier for us to live, to plan and to manage our time and energy more efficiently.

Yet this hyper-connected world increasingly stimulates a longing and a need for simplicity, calm and a return to traditional values.

Who has not dreamt of the perfect moment…

A feeling that you are taken completely out of yourself, while at the same time you are refocussed on your most intimate, deep and essential being.

Such perfect moments are rare and precious, then what better than an age-old beverage to find this serenity by combining space, time and mind in one.

Whether the variety you choose is black, red, white or green, the benefits of tea are multiple.  It eases the mind, fights fatigue and stimulates the body and vision, and much more.

The teas with the highest curative properties are green and white teas which are mostly brewed in a teapot or a tea ball.

We have created the BluFields TeaBall to bring this “perfect moment’ together with this elixir of “wellbeing”.

Imagine you are preparing a reviving cup of tea.  You take it and settle down comfortably in your favourite spot.

When it has infused you gently lift out your BluFields Tea Ball and put it down where you wish, without having to get up, thanks to the infuser on its integrated foot which avoids any risk of stains by a simple manoeuvre, fast, clean and without risk.

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